OFR - 136
Mystery Lake Uttrakhand

Day 1:

Arrival at Delhi in the morning and leave for Nainital beefing followed with breakfast. Night stay at Nainital. 17

Day 02:

Leave for Lohajung (2244mtrs.) By bus/Jeep 198 Kms. Night stay at Lohajung in Tourist Lodge/Tented Camp.1

Day 03:

Trek to Didana (2700 Mtrs) 12 Kms. Night stay at Didana.19

Day 04:

Trek to Bedini Buggyal (3354 Mtrs) 8 Kms. via Ali Buggyal (3310 Mtrs.) Night stay at Bedini Buggyal in Tented Camp.20

Day 05:

Acclimatization at Beding Buggyal 2

Day 06:

Trek to Bhaguabasa (4000 Mtrs) 12 Kms. Night stay at Bhaguabasa in Tented Camp.2

Day 07:

Trek to Roop Kund and back to Bhaguabasa 10 Kms. & trek back to Bedin Buggyal.23

Day 08:

Trek Down to Van Village (2450 Mtrs) trek 12 Kms. After lunch back to Lohajung by Jeep - 15 Kms. Night stay at Lohajung in Lodge/Tented Camp.2

Day 09:

Lohajung to Nainital 184 Kms (by bus/Jeep) Night stay at Nainital.25

Day 10:

Nainital to Delhi station tour end.26

Package Cost: INR 18,999/- per person

  • Mode of transport - Bus/Jeep
  • Food - Veg.
  • Accommodation - Tourist Lodge & Tent.
  • Itinerary can be changed as per the condition.
  • Confirmation of the group 30 days in advance.
  • Participants should be medically & physically fit.
  • Every participant will carry their own loads except Sleeping bag.
  • Porter for extra lode will be charged as per the rate.
  • For confirmation of the group, please send 50% advance amount. Remaining 30 days before tour start from Maharashtra




a) Bread, Butter, Jam, Egg, CornflakesTea.
b) Stuffed Paratha, Pickle Tea, Porridge.
c)Poori, Aloo Chana, Tea, Sooji.
d) Plane Paratha, Bhaji, Pickle, Tea,
e)Maggi, Souse, Tea, Porridge.


a) Rice, Chappti, Dal, Vegetable, Papad
b)Jeera Rice,Rajma,Chapati
Seasonal Veg.Pickle, Papad.
c)Veg. Pulow, Chappti, Curry Pakora,
Seasonal veg,Papad.
d) Packed Lunch - Poori Aloo Chana,

a) Biscuits.
b)Veg. Pakora.
c) Chipes.
d) Nankeen.

SOUP-a) Tomato.
b) Mix Vegetable.
c) Mushroom.
d) Sweet corn.

DINNER -Same as Lunch and variety of vegetable, Dal
Will change every day. i.e. Paneer,Mushroom, etc.
a) Rasgoulla.
b) Kheer.
c) Custard.
d) Bourn vita, Horlikes, Hot Chocklets.
During Trek - Sweet, Chock let’s, squash (Lemon/Orange/Pineapple)


1 Woollen Shirts 2
2 T- Shirts 2
3 Pullovers. 1
4 Long johns. 1
5 Woollen Socks. 2pr
6 Nylon Socks 2pr
7 Trekking Boot/Jungle Boot. 1pr
8 Toilet Kit. as required
9 Under Garment. as required
10 Sun Cap. 1
12 Sun Goggles. 1
13 Rain Coat/Umbrella. 1
14 Track Suit 1
15 Jeans.  
16 House wife repair kit. 1
17 Water Bottle. 1
18 Woollen Gloves 1pr
19 Woollen Cap 1
20 Jacket/Wind Cheater 1
21 Torch. With extra battery

Mystery Lake Uttrakhand
ROOP KUND 5029 mtrs

Roop Kund - Mystery Lake of hill State

At The lap of Trishul Massif in Uttaranchal, concealed under a ride that runs before the southern face of the peak, at an altitude of around 5000 meters lies a shallow glacier lake called Roop Kund.
It came into light around 1942 when a forest guard broke the news of the discovery of some 300 corpses preserver in the glacial tarn which lies frozen for most of the year. That being the time of second great War, it was feared that Japanese probably had forayed in to the hill region through the Himalayan passes.
However, a small contingent of force sent secretly by RV Verneed, the then District Magistrate of Garhwal revealed that corpses were not new but very old. The matter then was hushed up, probably to curtail rumor mongering. However, explorations carried out later by the individual adventures revealed interesting information.
Roop Kund is about 1,200 meters above the 12 mile long expanse of Bedini-Bugyal, the most famous and probably the most beautiful of Uttaranchal’s meadow. A special pilgrimage, scheduled only once in the 12 years, in the honour of Nandadevi, the most popular mother goddess of the hill folk.
This entire expanse is referred to as Munisiddhini Kshetra in Skand Puran. Human and equine skeletal remains are found littered all over this region. These remains have been dated to around 14 cent AD. However, in spite of there being innumerable theories attempting to explain the presence of a host of corpses and skeletal remains in a deserted place like this, which neither is easy to reach nor pleasant to stay at, the mystery of Roop Kund, to a large extent still remains unresolved.
British explorers feel that it refers to an expeditionary force, probably of Dogra General Zorawar Singh, who invaded Tibet in 1841. Victims of his attack could manage to escape to Uttaranchal through the snow passes. P. Barron alias ‘Pilgrim; the celebrated author of ‘pilgrim’ Wandering in Himmala’ met such a group near Badrinath.
The corpses could be of the member of such a group who probably were not fortunate enough like their compatriots whom Barron met at Badrinath Chimney Das Gupta, a numismatist from the university of Calcutta, considers these copses to b a telltale evidence of the unsuccessful attack of Mohd. Tugluck on the Himalayan country, referred to by Ibnbatuta and Badaunu as Karajal (Kurmanchal).
Swami Pranavananda who visited Roop Kund for 10 consecutive years, feels that formally the hill folk dumped their dead in the lake after an epidemic. Such epidemics were frequent in the 19th century. In the 19th century. In 1828 alone, more than one lakh people are reported to have died in such an epidemic.
Some anthropologists have propounded the theory of ritual suicide, which of course was in vogue at a spot called Bhairavjhanp beyond Kedarnath till 1831, when it was made an offence by the then administration. Upholding the theory forwarding by a mountaineering historian Shambhu Nath Das, Bill Ailken, However, feels that it must have been a pilgrim disaster. Religious articles along with female slippers and bangles have been discovered from the moraines deposits all around the region.
It, however, is interesting to note that in the referred pilgrimage that is scheduled to pass the lake every 12 years, no one is allowed to wear shoes and women are strictly forbidden to join it. However, the possibility of the rules of pilgrim-age being somewhat different 600 years ago, cannot be ruled out.
It the month of September the mystery lake of Roop Kund melts for about a fortnight or so, yielding its dark secrets.
This 5029 Mtrs high Roopkund Lake in the Chamoli District of Uttaranchal, is also known as the Mystery Lake for it contains, still well preserved human and equine skeleton remain of over 300 people and animal, estimated to have perished in the lake over 500 years ago. Experts have put forward several theories to explain the findings at Roopkund lake but the Mystery remains to be fully explained. The theories range from the local lore entire regime of the king at the lake about 550 years ago, to the remains being those of the strugglers of General Zorawar Sing’s army after his defeat at the hands of Tibetan army near Taklakot (Tibet) in 1842.
The Nanda Raj Jat, once every 12 years of Pilgrimage trek of about 280 Kms. In August - September, unique to the people of Chamoli District, has been passing through Roopkund lake since the 9th Century on its way to worship at Homkund near Nanda Ghunti Peak. Part of this route is common with the trek to Roopkund.

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